Unique and Chic Fair Trade Art & Fashion branded Lususu, “Simply Authentic.”


Lusu handbag

Fashion Accessories

Make Fashion Statements with an eco-authentic touch.

Kitooke Emb

Gifts & Decor

Take with you memories of your foot prints


Corporate Items

Impress your relations with unique last statements


Kwanjula Mix

Add glamour to life’s most precious moment


About us

Easy Afric Designs is a socially motivated Fair trade organization based in Kampala, and engaged in the creation of high quality eco-chic fashion accessories, home décor, corporate items and gift packaging options under the LUSUSU brand. The hand crafted products are mainly made out of ‘BARKCLOTH’ a unique International cultural heritage fabric, sustainably harvested by hand from the ‘Mutuba’ tree (Fig tree) in Uganda. Barkcloth is complemented with other natural and/or safe fabrics and fibres.

Our Vision is to sustainably revitalize the Ugandan eco-cultural heritage fabric to sustain livelihoods, therefore, generating new value for the barkcloth fabric through the application of an innovative mix of old and new knowledge. We are committed to high standards of relationships, an environment of respect, integrity and honesty, encouraging innovation and excellence, and nurturing a sense of responsibility for humanity and the environment.

Team People

Registered as a limited company in 2004, Easy Afric Designs is composed of a permanent management, design and sales team and a sustainable working relationship with a production team. A home accessibility model supported by the social, cultural and economic set up is applied for the production team of the women. Work space is provided for those close to the company production unit in the urban, and home based working applied for those in the semi urban and rural areas. The men are involved in Barkcloth making which is carried out in the rural areas only. The heart of the company is Nakisanze Sarah, the founder of Easy Afric Designs and Director of the Company. Sarah is a product designer, teacher and entrepreneur.

Our Product

Unique and eco-chic, Fair Trade art and fashion branded LUSUSU, “simply authentic”
A quality make of hearts, minds and hands to impress relations with lasting statements; memoirs of footprints and accents that tell stories of origin, sustainability, appreciation and associations.

Our impact

  • Home and schooling stability
  • Leadership empowerment at community level
  • Recognition platform created for the community based organizations
  • Social– economic and cultural relationships empowered
  • Cultural sustainability reinforced
  • Fair, Just and Responsible minds nurtured


Though we appreciate that all our designs and products are well researched we agree that everyone is, and environments are, unique and therefore, deserve so. That is why we offer an opportunity to express your taste and preference. Tell us how you would want it and let us venture to get it done.

  • Material or Fabric adaptations e.g. Barkcloth, cotton, Denim, Poly-viscose
  • Size Adaptation
  • Labeling and Tagging
  • Fabric Pattern switching


Eco Production

Barkcloth is the main fabric used,a felt cloth from the bark of a fig tree (Ficus Natelensis) and sustainably harvested by men through the application of an ancient technology, which is non-machinery and non-chemical using the human hands with the help of manmade simple tools. The tree is never cut down but rather, bark harvested off the tree through a skin regeneration natural system, for a period of about 20 years, after which bark harvesting for that particular tree stops. In 2005, UNESCO recognized the technology and proclaimed it a master piece of oral and intangible cultural heritage of humanity; a Ugandan Identity. The eco cloth is complemented with cotton, khakhi, denim and paper.

To translate the cloth into a LUSUSU product, it is taken into a handcrafted value addition process, using natural raffia from the raffia palm leaf and rayon fibres, for both fabric aesthetics and longevity functions, towards an assortment of dynamic eco chic products.


We Would Like To Hear From You

Kampala Sales Outlet: Stall No. 40 Exposure Africa, Buganda Road, Kampala City

Head Office: Bunamwaya-Zana, Old Entebbe Road, P.O.Box 10560 Kampala Uganda | Cell: +256 772 439 767 / 712 983 651
email: easyafricdesigns@gmail.com | snakisanzenaki@yahoo.com, web: www.easyafricdesigns.com