Who We Are

We blend heritage with modernity, transforming cultural wisdom into sustainable fashion and interior choices. Our heritage bark cloth novelties are more than products; they’re bridges that connect tradition with today.

Born in 2004 in the heart of Uganda, Easy Afric Designs, a Fairtrade-oriented company proudly presents two brands: Easy Afric Designs BARKCLOTH and CrafTAnsa.

Easy Afric Designs BARKCLOTH offers a range of chic eco-ethical handcrafted novelties, including handy fashion accessories, interior décor and corporate items; made out of the rare sustainable barkcloth. The brand aims to empower eco-conscious and socially responsible persons to meet their lifestyle fashion flair. The novelties are shaped by women and men using traditional knowledge; aspects that have contributed to socio-economic empowerment and culture heritage preservation. Easy Afric DesignsBARKCLOTH has a vision to make our heritage bark cloth novelties a global eco-ethical lifestyle companion paired with a mission to apply design innovation, dynamism, and sustainability approaches to translate past traditions into a contemporary flair.

CrafTAnsa, our 2022 brainchild, an advisory and training consultancy dedicated to nurture a pathway through which we can share experiences and insights about traditional knowledge innovations for sustainable craft design development and trading. We target product designers and artists, craft enterprises, researchers, community-based organizations, craft buyers, cultural institutions, social clubs, and Business Support Organizations (BSOs). Our vision is to attain great success in transforming the Ugandan craft product into a global acclaim and our mission is to offer experiential, localized, accessible and effective knowledge as significant value addition for craft enterprise development.

Meet the Team

Stella Mbatudde Lwanga

Team Leader

Human Resource and Relationships

Ntongo Norah


Craft Co-production

Balungi Ngalo

Craft Technicians

Ngalo Women

Community Based Organisation (CBO)

Craft Co-production

Our Values


We are dependable and accountable


We nurture a sense of concern for humanity and the environment

Team Work

We believe in the diversity and strength of collaborations


We believe in honesty and fairness


We encourage growth and excellence amongst our team


We are committed to high standards of relationships with respect and honor

Eco-ethical Production

We’re deeply committed to Fairtrade practices and environmental stewardship. Our core values embrace both the planet and humanity, guiding us through eco-ethical principles.

Our signature material, Barkcloth, comes from the eco-organic bark of the ‘Mutuba’ fig tree, locally sourced and sustainably harvested. Using a traditional technique, recognized by UNESCO, we ensure that the tree thrives while providing material for about 20 years. To enhance the beauty and longevity of Barkcloth, Designers and home-based women embroider it with natural raffia fibers, showcasing their skill and dedication.

Our diverse workforce forms a community united by shared goals. We prioritize socio-economic empowerment, ensuring transparency and fairness. We maintain safe work spaces and don’t tolerate child labor as we uphold our commitment to eco-ethical authenticity.

Our Partners

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