With CrafTAnsa, we’re on a mission to honor traditional knowledge while forging a path to a sustainable future in craft design, enterprise development, and trading. Imagine a realm where ancient wisdom meets innovative solutions – that’s our playground.

We’re not just about concepts; we’re about action. Through the strategic fusion of traditional craft knowledge, design thinking, sustainable production, and market insights, we bring ideas to life. Our journey is about more than just offering direction – it’s about crafting context-based solutions that pave the way to reinvent and thrive.

Enroll with a team of experts and craft a pathway; mindful to protect the planet as you process thoughts to create an aesthetic that complements people’s needs. In addition, we shape a story together, where heritage is a guiding star and the destination.

What we Offer


Drawing from years of experience and study, we offer strategic advice to steer your craft enterprise toward sustainable success. Whether you’re looking to redefine your direction or elevate your production, our insights are your compass.

Design and Delivery of Training Strategies

Experience the art of learning through tailored training strategies. Our design and delivery approach ensures knowledge doesn’t just stay theoretical – it’s woven into your practice, fostering real growth.


Venture into uncharted territories with our research services. From delving into understanding traditional knowledge to market trends, our research uncovers insights that fuel innovation.

Our Focus Areas

  • Sustainable Production and Quality management
  • Product range and Exhibition Curation
  • Sustainable craft Sourcing
  • Market Strategy & Preparedness
  • Craft Business Innovations
  • Collaborative Handicraft Production
  • Handicraft Design Development
  • Traditional knowledge and Natural fiber Innovations

Who it is for

  • Designers & Artists 
  • Craft Entrepreneurs
  • Uganda-craft Researchers 
  • Community-Based Organizations (CBOS)
  • Business Support Organizations (BSOS)
  • DIY Enthusiasts
  • Family, Social, And School Clubs 
  • Focus-challenged Artisans
  • Women Groups 
  • Craft Buyers Seeking Value

Why CrafTAnsa?

  • Over 20 years of cumulative hands-on experience
  • Localized and effective intervention
  • Exceptionally resourceful
  • Context-based response
  • Sustainable intervention
  • Credible network

Learn from the experts

The consultancy experts’ team is made up of a lead
expert and independent experts sourced in response to identified practice needs.

Nakisanze Sarah the lead expert, is a versatile Craft design facilitator, curator, and researcher with over 20 years of experience. Her specialties are Craft design and Curation, Traditional knowledge innovations, and Sustainable Handicraft Production. With a passion for craft innovation, Sarah has successfully combined traditional knowledge with modern design thinking. She is one of the creatives leading the redemption of ancient barkcloth, now celebrated as an aesthetic for fashion, work and interior spaces.

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