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The portfolio is a glimpse of Easy Afric Designs’ experience, since 2001. We have celebrated our heritage, advocated for sustainability, economically and socially empowered society, and cultivated relationships. This has been through hard work, focus, commitment, and support. Experience the montage of traditional contemporaneity, exclusivity and authenticity, adorned in the sustainable barkcloth garb. We are humbled and grateful to all organizations, customers, and people who have empowered us to positively contribute to sustainable living. We are rejuvenated and more empowered to share knowledge gained through our CrafTAnsa brand: ‘Reinvent and thrive’. Enjoy our portfolio.


Exhibition Curation

Creative Minds, Grand Team Club 2022

Ebya Uganda, Dubai Design Week 2022

Artisan Hub, by TFO CANADA 2017

Source East Africa, by WTFO Africa & ME Arusha 2016

LUSUSU barkcloth, Milan 2015

LUSUSU barkcloth, Maison et Objet 2015

Origin Africa, Ethiopia 2015

Kwanjula, Bride and Groom 2015


Product Curation

Colour is me


Piece it up

Sus on earth

Thread it

Uganda Mission for the United Nation, New York -Uganda Handicraft Collection


Dubai Design Week 2022

Easy Afric Design Network

Inspiring Communities with BOFTA, 2010

Supporting Creative, CBI, USAID, East Africa Trade Investment Hub, TRADEMARK EAST AFRICA and WTFO

Togetherness Yields


Training at Easy Afric

Training at Easy Afric

Training at Easy Afric

Training at Easy Afric


My Granary My Home, Social Sustainability Analysis, A Fashion Interpretation 2020

Chic African, 2018 Private Collection

Tradition on the Move 2018

Ms Lususu Womens Day 2012, Kampala

The Graduation Garb 2012 Permanent collection, Makerere University Library

The Hug MIHCR, 2012

The Peagomez 2011, Private Collection

Yesterday Today Tomorrow, 2005

Custom Made

Custom Creations

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