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Reflecting on Our Journey: Easy Afric Design’s Feature in “Lioness of Africa” (2016)

As we journey forward, we find inspiration in our past. Today, we revisit a remarkable chapter in the history of Easy Afric Design – our 2016 feature in “Lioness of Africa” . It was a time when our founder, Sarah Nakisanze, shared the story of our community’s inception and her profound connection to Uganda’s rich heritage, particularly the extraordinary Barkcloth fabric.

Easy Afric Designs Crafting Authenticity

Easy Afric Design was born from a passion for the art of fabric manipulation and decoration. Sarah Nakisanze’s vision was clear: to not only create a thriving enterprise but also to collaborate with others to foster growth. At the heart of our brand is authenticity. Branded as LUSUSU then, meaning “simply authentic,” our products are a testament to the beauty of origin, sustainability, and cultural appreciation.

A Sustainable Legacy

Our commitment to sustainability is deeply ingrained in our ethos. At the core of our creations lies Barkcloth, a unique eco-cultural heritage fabric sustainably harvested from the Mutuba tree in Uganda. This felt cloth, derived from the bark of the fig tree, is meticulously made by skilled artisans using traditional, non-mechanical methods. The tree remains unharmed, ensuring a regenerative and sustainable process. In 2005, UNESCO recognized this ancient technique as a masterpiece of intangible cultural heritage, a symbol of Ugandan identity.

Our dedication to eco-friendly practices extends beyond Barkcloth. We complement it with natural materials such as cotton, khaki, denim, and paper. Each product undergoes a meticulous handcrafted value addition process for both aesthetics and durability.

The Power of Collaboration

Easy Afric Design is not just a company; it’s a community. Our journey has been shaped by the collaborative efforts of two Registered Community-based Organisations – Easy Afric Design and Ngalo Women’s Group. We embrace women empowerment and community development, employing a predominantly female workforce. We build long-term relationships with local fiber and fabric suppliers, and technical experts further enrich our network.

A Journey of Entrepreneurship

Sarah Nakisanze’s entrepreneurial journey began with a sewing machine and a passion for fabric. After completing her art and design degree, she found herself working in an art gallery in Uganda. Her desire to showcase Ugandan fabrics as high-end products led to the birth of Easy Afric Designs. Shetransitioned from being just a manufacturer to becoming a teacher, sharing her skills and expertise with others. Networking played a pivotal role in her growth, connecting her with invaluable mentors and networks that continue to shape her craft.

Looking Forward: A 10-Year Sustainability Agenda

As we look to the future, our vision for Easy Afric Design is to tell the story of Barkcloth, both at home and abroad, through a Sustainability Agenda. Our focus will be on innovative product design and strategic marketing to further elevate the unique Ugandan heritage.

Encouraging Others

To aspiring women entrepreneurs, Sarah Nakisanze offers these words of wisdom: Remember that Easy Afric Design was once a small idea, and networking is a powerful tool that can nurture you into a valuable force. Most importantly, believe in yourself, for the path forward is guided by your will and determination.

Easy Afric Design is more than a business; it’s a celebration of heritage, sustainability, and empowerment. Join us as we continue this incredible journey, staying true to our roots and crafting a sustainable and authentic future.

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